Weve seen engagement skyrocket. It's a dysfunctional relationship, but it. More than that, almost every story we post, the number of notes and the number of reblogs and comments back to us is just absolutely amazing. And a lot more will do it over time. Because the most upvoted comments were hurting their feelings or criminal's feelings or something? Thats where they engage, so thats where we engage with them. MADISON, Wis. (AP) Wisconsin Democrats on Wednesday joined calls for the Republican leader of the state Senate to remove his appointee to the state's bipartisan election . Costs generally prohibit adequate oversight of who can comment in most online forums, and what they can say. Obviously, in its worst form, it can lead to partisan name-calling by a small number of vitriol-spewing readers. They advertise free sites and first one on list charges. Conspiracy theorists freaked the holy hell out this morning over a piece penned by Phil Bronstein -- one that was critical of Gavin Newsom as California's next governor -- which was pulled. Heres how, The UMCA dilemma-Unintentional Misleading Cultural Authenticity. Its a project of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. Shed loved the spacious backyard from the moment she saw it, she thought about the citrus trees shed grow, the persimmons and avocados. Now, closing the comments section is not the only thing weve done. Were pitching stories forward and putting stuff out thats not on an auto feed. From a sex-and-drugs pop star drama to a dark Watergate comedy. He was a quiet man, and orderly, with a tender heart, she said. It was here, days before his death two months ago, when hed looked up at her with a question: She wasnt going to sell the house when he was gone, was she? Pretty much. We're told that a union steward sent a message to its members recommending, Daring to go where no online writer in their right mind should ever, ever, ever go, SF Chronicle's Ryan Kim profiles SFGate's most "prolific" commenters, Kimble McSweeney, a Dallas resident. Accessed January 18, 2023. https://www.niemanlab.org/2015/09/what-happened-after-7-news-sites-got-rid-of-reader-comments/. Hard to imagine why anyone would ever subject themselves to this horrendous website. Hit their "free" recommendation for a service, immediately asked for $5.99 for one time use. Spindell did not immediately respond to a voicemail and email left Wednesday requesting his comment. PopSci is lucky in that our community of readers and followers is very curious, positive, and interested in learning more about all sorts of subjects. But peoples belief systems go a lot deeper than facts. New Years Eve flooding to Roger Serpas home on Argos Circle in Watsonville caused heavy damage. District Attorney Brooke Jenkins' office has used a state law . I had to just throw it out, he said. Recode, Reuters, Popular Science, The Week, Mic, The Verge, and USA Today's FTW have all shut off reader comments in the past year. Women in computing has fallen noticeably. A foot of water had poured into Sumikos home, soaking walls, destroying carpet. ", NPR found that only a very small and wholly unrepresentative slice of NPR's audience was taking advantage of the comments section, Jensen explained, noting the sharp increase in inappropriate content. Mudslides trigger evacuations, close roads in Berkeley Hills. Commenting is now available on many more. This is a guy who has absolutely no prejudice toward anybody, Lazarus said. The system rates and prioritizes user comments, assigning them values based on an analysis of more than 16 million previously approved comments going back a decade. Office chairs and a blue bird statue: Heres everything you can bid on An iconic moment: In Warriors return to White House, Biden takes a knee. As bad as Sfgate comment section could get, it's nothing compared to the shitshow that is the SFist comment section that is dominated by a psycho, and SF Examiner section that seems to consist mainly of Spam. Dummest article ever. I think some explanation ought to be provided to the citizens, Breyer told The Chronicle. So its no . , an open-source platform geared toward helping news sites accept and manage reader submissions without having to manually scour each individual comment and weed out the bad apples. Huge upset in the 2nd round of Australian Open, Stolen ambulance in San Francisco leads to wild Bay Area chase, Sheriff: Slaying of teen mother, her baby and 4 others was 'deliberate', Conservative leader accused of sexual assault by Walker campaign staffer, SF lawyer moves to have DA Jenkins disqualified from key case, The origin of Gavin Newsom's custom California-themed apparel, The race to succeed Feinstein is getting really interesting, 'Fed up': Newsom pledges millions to clear homeless encampments. gallery owner who sprayed homeless woman in viral video apologizes. I consider us to be in the age of engagement right now, in the sense that our social thrust has a very specific plan behind it. When you start to look at it that way, even if every comment was created by an individual commenter which is not the way it works; surely several of those commenters commented hundreds of times 68,000 commenters would still be dramatically less than one percent of our total readership. SFGate's animated political cartoonist Mark Firoe won . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Hm. In Watsonville, fast rising water on New Years Eve sent floodwaters pouring down Argos Circle, the subdivision where Livin and dozens of other retired residents live. Livin had promised her husband, who died a few months ago, that she would hold on to their Watsonville home, which has sustained flood damage in the recent storms. "What happened after 7 news sites got rid of reader comments." Theyd had to evacuate abruptly. Here's the woman behind the embroidered threads Gavin Newsom wears. 10 ephemeral waterfalls appear in Yosemite after Calif. storms, Disney made up a new color for their latest Starbucks cup. S.F. Cost of bowling for two people for one hour (Friday) at Got some Garbage Green paint from Public Works and before Pathetic: In wake of viral video, S.F. Not much in the way of unique coding for whatever app you use on your phone which is why so many developers go that route as it's the easy way out and usually a quick way to make a buck. Well be trying out Snapchat and various things, but its largely Facebook and Twitter. We hope the adventure is exciting, fun, helpful and informative.". Thats hard. That comes down to, again, the relationship between the people who work at The Verge and the audience who reads it and cares about it. SF Gate has a consumer rating of 1.67 stars from 6 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. "It's so awe-inspiring just to be here and see the amount of waterfalls. Any suggestion that Kline is no longer up to the job was emphatically rejected by Therese Stewart, nominated by Gov. Thats one part, just expanding how often were actually manually active on [social]. TWO acts of congress that eroded those protections. 17 cars broken into on a single night in this San Francisco neighborhood. Here are the biggest impacts. 230, This older law allowed all of the innovations in online communications. Since Popular Sciences exit from the commenting business, a slew of other media outlets -- from Reuters to Recode -- have followed suit. She took the produce to local soup kitchens and food pantries at nearby churches. "Those [social media] communities offer vibrant conversation and, importantly, are self-policed by participants to keep on the fringes those who would abuse the privilege of commenting," Reuters executive editor, Dan Colarusso ,wrote in his company's, Comments sections are really just a continuation of that age-old tradition of letters to the editor, a cherished part of many publications and a valuable way of creating an open dialogue between magazines and the people to whom they are ultimately accountable,, a machine-learning technology developed by Google. | first = Justin TWO acts of congress that eroded those protections. Ellis, Justin. Using The Lowdown and Above the Noise in the Classroom, "After much experimentation and discussion, we've concluded that the comment sections on NPR.org stories are not providing a useful experience for the vast majority of our users," wrote Scott Montgomery, former managing editor for digital news, in his 2016, Simply put, trolls are the loudest voices in the room, the ones who write "crazy, nasty things just to get people all riled up," as this latest, I think that public engagement needs to be a key part of a public media organization," said, "I think its disappointing that the commenting platform didnt work the way that it could. Things have changed; you have to change with them. }}, To promote and elevate the standards of journalism, Covering thought leadership in journalism. With a garden, youre never hungry.. Other seniors are not getting the help they need, Cobarruvias said. First came fosta / sesta. Page views. We do, obviously, the events. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. The conversation was fairly toxic at the end. Meteorologist Gerry Daz explains what this storm is slated to bring to the Bay Area and if drier air will limit its impacts. Earn It This act is worming its way through congress, and is confusing, but will prevent users from being able to message each other privately, as we can today. By SF Insider. Sunday night's heavy rainfall was the latest system to sweep through the Bay Area, which. OK, don't be jealous, but one Mr. Peter Getty, it seems, responded to SFist's little ol' post about their new business venture: web-logging for SFGate. We do a podcast now, which is really helpful. In one analysis of site activity, just .06 percent of all the visitors to NPR.org in a single month actually submitted comments at all. Even when he tried to clarify his comments, he made them worse.. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate. On the Bay Citizen's weekend edition, the burning-someone-else's money (but still free) publication reports (sort of) on the Hearst Corporation's sudden decision to (maybe) put a majority of the free content on SFGate. "But in reality, that just wasnt the way it was working. We didnt feel as if there was a lot going on there, anyway; it hadnt become as fertile and diverse as our audience was. Thats a much harder solution than were gonna build in down-rank buttons and shadow bans. Theres nothing that can be said, theres no apology. We can then choose to engage in those conversations where theyre happening, or not. Livin and her late husband were together 41 years. To be an expert at anything in sci or tech means rolling up your sleeves and getting to work. Just rain, he thought. Your SFist editors, meanwhile, are still shaking our. The office had removed Kline from another case several weeks ago. Huge piece of undeveloped Bay Area land just got much East Bay home buyers are getting pickier, trends show. San Francisco is a city renowned for creativity and innovation from global tech giants and stylish indie startups to the enduring hippie appeal of its storied streets and neighborhoods. We want to have a broad audience, but we also have a very heavy-infuencer audience. Here's how they're all using social media to encourage reader discussion. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. If I was painting a picture of a site we were gonna have, and then at the end I said, Oh, by the way, at the bottom of all our articles were going to prominently let any pseudonymous avatar do and say whatever they want with no moderation if there was no convention of Internet commenting, if it wasnt this thing that was accepted, you would think that was a crazy idea, said Ben Frumin, editor-in-chief of TheWeek.com. Those protections are known as "section 230" of "The Communications Decency Act" 47 U.S.C. This summers Christopher Pratt/zookeeper meme inspired by Jurassic World and the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag are just two examples of stories that came out of our close observation of and participation in social media. Girl Scouts just dropped a new cookie. Yeah, I noticed they turned it off. Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. Roger Serpa looks over flood damage to his home on Argos Circle in Watsonville. Havlak: As we turned off the comments on the posts, weve seen more people go into the forums. I remember getting into a dialogue with a publisher of a a book that used that the acronym in a title. I did, and on my very next visit, the tooth had improved dramatically, and I never had to find out what he was threatening me with - all thanks to this little gadget. Final atmospheric river storm to hit Bay Area. Such prosecutions would require approval by a juvenile court judge. My sense is that they are joining the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the Press Democrat and others in turning off the comments. Sisea Makes it so that porn sites have to verify your identity for you to post. We are also very, very proud of what we built on Tumblr. You can read more about this controversy in SF Gate. Seventy-one percent of FTWs audience is mobile, and commenting seems like more of a desktop experience. If you had anything important to say online, you better hope that Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, or Jack Dorsey want you to say it. Livin gets a hug in her flooded home from her friend, Stacey Cobarruvias. Heres how theyre all using social media to encourage reader discussion. A passerby watches the rain-swollen Pajaro River in Watsonville. I won't be reading SF Gate as much because of this. She peeked outside to find the street flooded and water creeping up her driveway, threatening her house. I think you actually need to establish norms of behavior that people will follow because they care about the space. For a short period at the end of 2014, it appeared that publishers had reached a breaking point in their ongoing struggle with reader comments. can say in good faith that he cant be fair and impartial. Its really wrong and unfair.. I think that public engagement needs to be a key part of a public media organization," saidNPR ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen. | url = https://www.niemanlab.org/2015/09/what-happened-after-7-news-sites-got-rid-of-reader-comments/ Simply put, trolls are the loudest voices in the room, the ones who write "crazy, nasty things just to get people all riled up," as this latestAbove the Noiseepisode explains in its exploration of trolling psychology. They joined the ranks of other outlets, including The Chicago Sun-Times and Popular Science, that abandoned the practice in favor of letting users discuss stories on social channels instead. But its just one community out of 12 different communities we maintain. Also on Yahoo, after a few months, they are turning on some comments. City workers set up at the nearby Buddhist temple, plying tired residents with snacks and coffee and passing out flyers with information on how to begin their recovery efforts. Or liquid acid. We try other things. We are declining to comment on these matters as they pertain to proceedings involving juvenile defendants, which are confidential, Randy Quezada, a spokesperson for the district attorney, said Tuesday. Democrats - with a 95-53 majority in the House, pending three special elections; and a 24-12 edge in the Senate - have several related bills pending, including an extension of the nearly three-year-old executive order that created a shutoff moratorium in the pandemic. Neither the defense lawyer nor the judge has a right to object or ask for an explanation and the case is automatically assigned to another judge. It was all ruined.. Alternate angle better reveals Shanahan's fury after dirty play. We here at SFist need to rib the Chronicle or SFGate now and then. The storms have claimed 19 lives, and a 5-year-old boy is missing. SFGate's animated political cartoonist Mark Firoe won for editorial cartooning, cited for his "animated cartoons appearing on, Under the impression that online internet world wide webloggers are swiping their golden nuggets of wisdom without linkage, SFGate recently infused their site with inane cross-scripting nonsense that automatically adds a url link. Starting this week, a deputy district attorney has invoked a state law on judicial impartiality to remove Kline from the cases newly assigned to him one on Monday, two on Tuesday requiring their reassignment to one of the two remaining juvenile court judges. And a number of outlets have even attempted to grow their comment sections, instituting various techniques to encourage civil debate and ward off the ever-present army of trolls at the gates. Last month, it had 17 million monthly uniques, and the time spent per visit hasnt dropped a bit. Plus: What people expect from podcasts as a form of journalism, improving reporting on suicide saves lives, and the important role of Google Knowledge Panels in cueing confidence in news organizations. State Sen Sen. LaTonya Johnson calls for the Republican leader of the state Senate to remove his appointee to the bipartisan Wisconsin Election Commission, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023 in Madison, Wis. In 2008, NPR introduced its reader commenting system, an option it embedded through a third-party systemat the end of most articles on the site. D.A. Yesterday, in an attempt to get Internet readers to click on something as many times as possible, SFGate.com ran a second edition of "You know you're a real San Franciscan if you. Because so many of the comments ran counter to the editorial narrative of the source. Good news: Misinformation isnt as powerful as feared! 2. We dont do much question-asking, but we do pay quite a bit of attention to the share text around every story that we publish. They want to find our writers where they are. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The site also didn't allow commenting on articles dealing with particularly controversial issues. Compared to that, losing some carpet its nothing., St. John Barned-Smith is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. .06 percent of all the visitors to NPR.org in a single month actually submitted comments at all. And a lot of people followed in our footsteps, which is fascinating. Liz Lufkin, who's most recently been the vice president responsible for front-page editorial programming at Yahoo and who once upon a time co-founded SFGate, has been ousted from Yahoo in a reorg. Can't be having discussions or commentary that makes lowlives feel bad. Sumiko Livins home in Watsonville sustained damage to the walls and carpet when a foot of water poured in during the New Years Eve storm. Apparently, you do this. We do [discussion] online, on social networks, on Facebook, on Twitter especially. The IRS announced you can file your taxes starting Jan. 23, The 15 best items in Disney's Valentine's Day collection, Your Privacy Choices (Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads). This legendary San Franciscan had secret shortcut for SF tech company sheds office space, but there's good news Calif. storms cause problems for this popular Bay Area Why red envelopes are gifted during Lunar New, 11 of the best urban hikes, walks in San Francisco, 12 Lake Tahoe Airbnbs with almost perfect guest ratings, Cowboys fan somehow gets 49ers star on phone live at Bucs blowout, The internet is mad 49ers will get two days of extra rest, Curry, Poole lead Warriors to 127-118 win against Wizards, This is the small California town that produced Josh Allen, These are the new TV shows everyone will be talking about in 2023, You'd never guess the Calif. theme park with the most devoted fan, SF grocery store to permanently close, terminate all employees, Scleroderma and PAH: Taking Control of Your Health, 11 Places to Celebrate Authentic Local Culture in Germany. Check this map, Track water shortages and restrictions across Bay Area. In the aftermath, he hired contractors to rip out sodden carpet and at least a foot of ruined drywall. at age 97, it was still hard to fathom that he was gone. Rainfall totals for parts of the Bay Area so far are staggering, Shanahans onetime best friend calls Purdy lesser Mac Jones, Worst yips in sports history might be key to 49ers-Cowboys, Tenn. burger boss says who should be scared of In-N-Out's arrival, McDonalds in San Francisco tourist hub permanently closes, 10 ephemeral waterfalls appear in Yosemite after Calif. storms, The hidden Bay Area school that always has a waitlist, Global pop star announces SF show at Chase Center, Rock legend excoriates San Franciscos ChatGPT travesty', WW II structure falls 200 feet from cliff onto SF beach, Alternate angle better reveals Shanahan's fury after dirty play, Snow dusts one of the Bay Areas tallest peaks. "I think its disappointing that the commenting platform didnt work the way that it could.". Her neighbor, 57-year-old Stacey Cobarruvias, thought about other older and frailer neighbors who might have gone unnoticed. Glad @Recode & others are challenging the trend: http://t.co/HVi23wOq4w pic.twitter.com/wLHKObAeDp, Melinda Gates (@melindagates) August 19, 2015. SFGate is the San Francisco Chronicle's website, chock full of irreverent headlines, weird news, and plenty of Bush-bashing. As more rain loomed Thursday stoking worries that floods might cut off access to nearby Monterey city workers and volunteers went door to door, assessing damage at scores of houses and helping elderly neighbors muck out their homes. SF Gate: Bravo Removes Racist Anti-Japanese Slur from New Show, Community gathers to honor Michelle Go one year later, AsAm groups call for firing of chancellor for mocking Asians, Man guilty of manslaughter. His beat includes state and federal courts in California, the Supreme Court and the State Bar. Think", Re: Bravo Use of Japanese Racial Slur: Get a life. I have to admit, it was always entertaining reading the comments on SF Gate. You have entered an incorrect email address! Ellis, J. Bad news: Neither is information. We have managed to keep some pretty vibrant discussions going; they just dont live on the article pages themselves. If you think Im looking for another man, no way. | work = [[Nieman Journalism Lab]] He was previously an investigative reporter for the Houston Chronicle. I didn't know what "app" meant as I use PROGRAMS which are much more full. news and opinion articles, but open only for one day after publication. All but one of the sites say they wont be going back; The Verge is selectively using comments on stories and plans to re-introduce them across the site in the near future, according to editor-in-chief Nilay Patel. I think its a political move on their part. For a short period at the end of 2014, it appeared that publishers had . A wave of distributed content is coming will publishers sink or swim? Emerging Strategies to Help Employers Build More Innovative Romancing Marin with Your Special Someone. But, It's rumored that 20 newsroom-based Media Workers Guild employees at the San Francisco Chronicle will be involuntarily laid off today. We can roll out a million product tools to help us deal with bad actors, but what we actually need to do is build a community that doesnt allow bad actors to flourish in the first place. Our daily email, with all the freshest future-of-journalism news.

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