Building a 100 Property Portfolio in a Decade

The UK housing market has proven to be a reliable and profitable sector for investment. With the ever-increasing demand for housing, there is a constant need for new developments and properties.

By leveraging this market, this opportunity offers a chance to not only build a significant compounding return but also to protect the capital invested with what has proven to be one of the securest assets in the world.. A British residential property.

This is an ambitious project and we are looking for sophisticated investors to join us as trusted partners.

Here are the investment conditions for each deal:

  • Term: 10 years minimum
  • Types: Buy to Let, Flip, Buy to Develop & Sell
  • Minimum per investor (or group of investors): £50k

Risk Warning: Investing in any financial products carry risks. Property values can fall as well as rise, your capital may be at risk and returns may vary.